Hollywood Hideout

Such a steep yard in the Hollywood Hills! The family asked if anything could be built for the kids to play rough & tumble outside? Barbara found a fairly level spot for the swings and worked from there. The final product is nestled among backyard greenery, creating a child-size refuge from the fast pace of modern life where kids can flex both their imaginations and their muscles. With our signature strong-enough-for-an-adult construction, kids can invite their favorite grown ups to join in the magic, too.

Barbara also found room for two bridges and a clubhouse with balcony: the anchor is the elevated clubhouse with balcony, rock wall and firepole, set right against a line of trees, making it feel like a tree house. One bridge heads towards the garden steps, one bridge is over the swings and leads to the slide tower. Tucked under the clubhouse deck and bridges, you can find swings, monkey bars, and rings to give your whole body a workout. It’s a perfect hideout on a hot summer day! With multiple entrances and exits, the playhouse at the center of the Hollywood Hideout is a versatile space for all games, whether dreamy or active. In addition, each door and window shutter has a 1/2″ gap around the edge to prevent pinched fingers that could stop the play.
Inside, multiple windows create a light-filled space for kids to fill with their imaginations. Need more room for the dragon hatchery? The table and benches fold flat against the wall. Time for a royal banquet? Set the table back up in seconds. Bon appetit!

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