Inside Grandkids’ Treehouse

In addition to the many exterior features of Grandkids’ Treehouse, the interior is also bursting with possibilities. In collaboration with the family, we customized the palette and play features to uniquely suit the children who will be exploring this structure.Both levels are stocked with a multitude of play accessories built from sustainable redwood and colored with our signature natural tung-oil stain that we manufacture right at the shop. ┬áThis stain imparts vibrant hues while still letting the natural grain of the lumber show through as well as protecting the wood from the elements.What’s on the menu today? Whether it’s stone soup or mud pie, this inviting wooden kitchen set stands at the ready on the bottom floor. The counter extends over the cleverly hidden secret escape door.Customers can sit on the cozy “Kids Rule” table with coordinated chairs. Above, the chalkboard is ready to display the specials of the day, or to work out the formula for the secret potion that will turn the wicked witch into a frog.Upstairs, a full-length corner cupboard provides storage for playhouse toys. The design invites creativity by providing another chalkboard. However, the windows are secured so no one gets too creative and tries to climb out them!To allow the kids to flex their imaginations, we’ve included a drop leaf table and two drop seats which give the option of clearing the space for more active pursuits, or creating a dreamy seating area. In the corner, there’s a working “top secret” safe with the combination mounted on the wall behind the shield.

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