One of the most appealing features of a treehouse, clubhouse or even a simple fort made of blankets is the feeling of a get-away. With that in mind, this colorful Kids Only! sign proclaims that the Kaleidoscope┬átreehouse is a refuge from the adult-dominated world that children constantly navigate. The first step in creating a child’s haven is to sit down with the adults and brainstorm what everyone envisions. Barbara takes these ideas and creates a detailed artist sketch so everyone can see what the final project will look like. The colors are completely customizable and handmade in our BBAB shop. The structure encompasses four massive redwoods that are joined by a spacious 12-by-15-foot platform at a height of 7 feet. Around the perimeter, you can find a fire pole, rock climbing wall and a ladder while a row of hand-over-hand rings sits below the decking. A swinging bridge connects this part of the Kaleidoscope┬áto a climbing tower and slide.The swinging bridge is 8 feet of wiggle, jiggly fun with a woven, hand-lashed rope railing so no one wiggles or jiggles off the side!You can scale the climbing tower using the rope net climb, wacky ladder, or “x” bracing, while the slide provides a fun, exhilarating way down. For a snack break or a dash of daydreaming, check out the Kid’s Rule table and chairs located atop the big deck. Nearby, a ship’s wheel invites kids to navigate to calmer waters or set sail for adventure.

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