Leafy Nook Tree Fort

Overview zahavaFor a child, a weekend at the Grandparents’ place is a time for snuggles, cookies, a trip to the toy storeĀ and … zip lining? If your grandma and grandpa have a Leafy Nook tree fort in their backyard, you can add climbing through the branches and lounging on massive rope net hammocks to your vacation bucket list.

Idea 5 site plan zahavaAfter hugging Grandma, the first thing you’ll want to do is hop on the 70-foot zip line for an exhilarating ride across the yard. Then it’s up to the tree fort to peek through the cut-outs at the ever-changing foliage. Cap off your adventure with a visit to the giant rope net hammock where you can test your strength with the knotted rope climb and rope swing or just lay back and relax.zahava constr 2Strung between two posts anchored with a massive hidden concrete footing, the zip line is topped with a dainty treehouse for your feathered friends.zahava 2Perched on a hillside, the Leafy Nook tree fort is decked out with a mailbox, bucket on a pulley, and two levels of fort fun surrounded by our signature hand-lashed rope railing, keeping kids from getting out while inviting the view in. Inside the fort, hand-carved star, moon and planet cut-outs provide light and spark the imagination.
Tree net zahava 2Two rectangles of woven rope serve as hammocks or hangouts, depending on your mood. Stretch out to ponder the the meaning of life or turn them into rowboats on a choppy sea fleeing from pirates and sharks. zahava 6With enchanting details like this hand-carved bear, you’ll be begging for another trip to Grandpa’s.

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