Long Island Treehouse: Day 1 Install


The first day on site for a treehouse installation is all about positioning the girder box followed by the deck frame up in the tree. Placing of the girder box dictates the fit of the treehouse and how well the rest of the installation will go!

The girder box (shadow gray) is made back in the shop from redwood 4x6s, grinded smooth, stained and bolted together with custom angle iron braces. Will is un-bolting one side of he girder box in order to fit it around the tree, while Marco is constructing “temporary braces” from the white wood.

Everyone loves that there is a hammock near by to lounge in during breaks!

The temporary braces (white wood) are built strong & sturdy. Like scaffolding, this is what the crew will walk on when positioning the girder box and deck frame.
First, the girder box is handed up and place around the tree, and then the 4th side is bolted back into place. The girder box now encircles the tree and rests on top of the temporary bracing. Then it is finagled into the best position, and adjusted until it is a perfect fit.

Next is the deck frame.

Marco removes one end of the deck frame and some blocking, then it is handed up over the girder box and slid into place around the tree. Once the larger deck frame is lined up over the girder box, the end piece is bolted back in place, completing the encircling of the tree.

Once both the girder box and deck frame are positioned, the deck frame is attached to the girder box. Then both pieces are re-finagled (adjusted, leveled, repositioned, re-leveled, etc.). Will, Marco and Jeff look very happy with the final results!

Tomorrow – more structural work: knee braces, post hole digging, blocking the inside of the girder box. As Barbara says, lots of bolting & blocking!

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