Long Island Treehouse: Day 4 Install

FINAL DAY on site!
Marco & Will spend the morning adding the play accessories:
pulley bucket, rock holds, drop leaf table & 2 drop benches, top secret wall safe, chalkboard, shelf & pegs set, and lots & lots of Long Island road signs!

Then break for yoga exercises on the lawn!

Meanwhile, Barbara’s up in the Clubhouse putting the finishing touches to the interior…

The interior is bright and sunny (the walls are stained wild orange)
and loaded with play accessories:
Shelf & pegs
Flags on hook
(that slides
open to reveal secret
safe combination)

Top Secret Safe
Drop leaf table
& drop seats

And all the hand-carved & stained signs are attached to the walls…

Peek thru the door: the tree grows up thru the deck & partially hides the entrance…

The finished tree house blends into the the surroundings without a hint of the color explosion inside.

The tree house clubhouse from different views

Pulley bucket

Rung ladder to Clubhouse interior
Rock holds on the footing post

Dusk approaching – time to leave…

A few crew shots for the photo albums…

Walking away from another great job! Everyone feels lucky to be able to work on a tree house!

Will heads back to Brooklyn (our East Coast man)

Marco loads up the truck – on to the next job!

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