Long Island Treehouse: Design process

In February, Barbara started the design process for this Long Island treehouse:

Her first step was to visit the site, meet with her client, brainstorm ideas and help select the tree. Then take lots of photos. Back at the shop, Barbara “painted” the treehouse design directly onto the digital image.

Once the design was finalized, Barbara created an Artist Sketch with colors for both the exterior and the interior.

Next: build, carve and stain the structure – weeks of work! Now, we are almost ready to deliver:

Building has been completed and the stain has been applied and dried – all that’s left is to move the modular parts to our Detailing Bay where we pre-assemble the treehouse to ensure a perfect fit. The more we can pre-assembled before going to site, the smoother the process will be once we are there.

The guys pull up their racks filled with tools, materials and treehouse parts, then proceed to detail (e.g. assemble the walls and decking, add shutters, doors, rock holds, etc.). Because the clubhouse & deck will be supported by long knee braces attached to the tree (see Artist Sketch above), there are only a few footing posts on this project. The structure can sit on the floor while detailing commences.

Rudi, in the meantime, is adding the final touches to the Top Secret Safe door panel which is then installed on an interior Clubhouse wall.

The last to be added is the big Gable Roof. This treehouse was designed with a special “sliding” front door. Because the main trunk of the tree is so close to the clubhouse (breaking through the deck) the door slides open behind the tree.

Now we disassemble the Clubhouse, “blanket wrap” the big modular pieces, box up the small parts and load the truck. We also load up all tools and materials that will be needed from electric drills to scaffolding to concrete. Jeff will take off tomorrow, early morning, and drive the Treehouse, a Playhouse and a Fort to the East Coast. Barbara and crew will fly in on Sunday. Installations start on Monday!

More to come – Barbara is sure to send images from Southampton!

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