Magical Bridge RC Play Accessories

The ground floor of the Magical Bridge Redwood City playhouse is chock-full with imaginative play options. Brooke’s Ticket Booth includes a wooden cash register and ticket slot to welcome theater-goers.The view from inside the ticket booth is just as charming, with painted and cut-out shapes above and below. Outside, you can see a Retreat Hut, a calming space where players can take a break if they become overstimulated on the playground.Bridge Diner and Magical Bakery both feature charming wooden décor that invites children to transform themselves into customers, waiters, cashiers, and cooks at a counter that is designed to be easy to access on foot or by wheelchair. The old-fashioned register and selection of cakes are solid wood for a pleasant tactile experience and maximum durability.Breakfast options include a stack of pancakes, toast, coffee, eggs, and bacon. The Clubhouse Café tables come pre-set with wooden play accessories of hot drinks, a cell phone, and a journal. Take a seat at the bench, or bring your wheelchair right up to the table.Barbara and Jose Luis put on finishing touches.

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