Magical Bridge RC Playhouse

Welcome to the virtual tour of our playhouse at Magical Bridge Redwood City! Like the flagship Magical Bridge playground, which brought inclusive play for every body to Palo Alto, this location features a two-story BBAB treehouse that is fully accessible to those using wheelchairs or other devices to assist with mobility.The charming, whimsical design and eye-catching colors invite players of all ages to explore and give their imaginations a work-out. The stage provides a space for budding thespians, rock stars, and comedians to test out the waters. When large gatherings are once again safe, musicians, clowns, and other entertainers will also make use of the stage on community days.Made of sustainable redwood lumber and beautifully stained with our signature non-toxic tung oil color stains, the ground floor of the playhouse features smooth floors flush with all walkways, and play features with ample space for wheelchair access.The second story windows are fitted with custom-made window grates made of powder-coated metal to provide safety while preserving the thrilling view. The open balconies that lead to the ramps are lined with hand-lashed rope for the same purpose.The stunning high ceiling showcases our attention to detail and gives a feeling of spaciousness along with extra ventilation.From the second story, walkways lead to the tree pod (turn left at the blue ramp) or on to other areas of the playground. Creating sturdy, inviting, and inclusive structures is all in a day’s work for Barbara and the BBAB team!

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