Magical (double) Bridge!

IMG_4164Magical Bridge, a uniquely inclusive playground for people of all abilities, has been open for several months now and it’s still a thrill to stop by and see it swarming with so many kids! With such a multitudes of visitors, however, our swinging bridge to the slide mound was creating a bit of a bottleneck. The solution? Double bridges.
Bridge-3Adding a second, rigid bridge next to the swinging one would resolve the bottleneck and give kids two options for getting across. However, we also had to shut down that part of the park to make the changes. To minimize the disruption to the playground, we came up with an ambitious timetable of just 4 1/2 days for this project.

IMG_4157First, we built all the pieces for the second bridge ahead of time at our shop. Secondly, we planned our installation to begin the day after Labor Day,  figuring many kids would be starting school. Finally, it was all hands on deck for the Barbara Butler crew as we raced against the clock.

IMG_4175The double bridges were unveiled at noon on Saturday, exactly 4 1/2 days later, to an enthusiastic reception. Success!

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