Measuring Twice…

Measuring-trip-6-27-cThe old carpentry adage “Measure twice, cut once is particularly applicable when you are building a treehouse around irregularly shaped trunks. For this Healdsburg project, we head out to a gorgeous grove of redwoods to get initial measurements to work with during the design process. The super precise stick-out won’t happen until later in the process, after design plans have been finalized.
Measuring-trip-6-27-bThese magnificent coastal redwoods, the tallest trees on the planet at over 350 feet, make an idyllic setting for a treehouse. This picture gives you a sense of the monumental scale of these giants.

idea 1 sketch-2In consultation with the family, Barbara then uses the figures from the measuring expedition to create a possible design. Here, she uses the elevation change and height of the trees to create a treehouse reminiscent of an enchanted cottage in the woods. Complete with hanging bridge, rope ladder, wrap-around deck and two welcome flags, the only thing missing is a fun fairy-tale color palette.

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