Meet the BBAB crew

It takes the whole team to make a child’s treehouse dreams come true. Meet the individuals who come together to form the BBAB crew. First up is Jeff, Barabara’s husband, who joined the business in 1996, the same year they were married. On the right is Marco, our energetic foreman and lead carpenter since 2005. In addition to being a fantastic builder, Marco is married with two children and likes to restore old cars in his free time.Jose, also known as Toro, has been a builder & installer with us for the last seventeen years. In addition to his substantial woodworking skills, he also has his own Cumbia band that plays gigs around the San Francisco Bay area. Moisis is a grinder and installer who joined the crew in 2014. When he’s not putting together play structure parts, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children, and going out dancing.Builder and installer Jose Luis has been with us for fifteen years. His work is incredibly precise and thorough, which makes him a stellar carver. When he’s not at BBAB, he spends his time working as a commercial baker or playing with his three children.  Next up is stain master and photographer Allen, who mills and mixes all our colors, stains the panels and then pulls out his camera to capture it all for us. He dedicates his spare time to playing the guitar.

Since 2014, David has been a builder & installer with us. He does our rope work and is a great camp cook for the crew on away jobs. In his spare time, David is a competitive breakdancer.

David’s younger brother Eric is a part-time installer who joined the team in 2015. Eric loves to breakdance and travel. Thanks to the whole BBAB crew for all you do!

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