Modified Treehouse

Color Map 4 viewWhat do you do when you want a treehouse but you don’t have a tree? Call in the play experts to customize a structure for you! After careful consultation with the whole family, Barbara created this modified Minnesota Treehouse (sans tree) for their beautiful backyard.

Interior Color Map 1The color map allows our clients to see what their color choices will look like on the finished structure and compare options. Sketches of both exterior and interior bring the whole project to life in the mind’s eye.

SkylightWith a  jumbo 2′ x 4′ laminated glass skylight providing maximum illumination,  these kids will have  plenty of light to read or play at their drop-leaf table. Outside the clubhouse, a climbing wall, net rope climb, fire pole, twisty slide and two swings beckon for active, outdoor fun.pant-family-shop-visitThe best part about working with a local artist/builder like Barbara is that you can stop by and see your new playhouse taking shape. Here, the whole family pops by and get a behind-the-scenes look. Clubhouse Like all of our structures, this modified Minnesota Treehouse is hand-crafted with sustainable redwood lumber to resist the elements, hand-lashed rope railing and natural tung-oil stain. The modular design means we can fabricate the playhouse in the shop, then take it apart in pieces for a quick installation on-site. While images of the finished product are coming soon, here’s the architectural map of what’s to come in the meantime.

Rev 1 view2

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