New Life for Old Tree Houses

Before and After Re-stainAfter witnessing countless shrieks of laughter, games of chase and secret clubhouse meetings, some playhouses are the worse for wear. Luckily, sustainable redwood lumber can stand up to the strains of time, and needs only a new coat of stain to look good as new again.

Before-after-640When kids are grown and playhouses are ready for a new family, we list these used structures as  play bargains on our website. While sellers set their own price and negotiate directly with interested buyers, we are often called upon for a tune-up, re-stain, or to move the playhouse to its new location.
Cleaned-drying-on-dockThe same modular construction that made for an easy installation process the first time around simplifies the deconstruction process. Here, a treehouse has been broken down into its component pieces and is awaiting refurbishing.
re-staining-exterior-wall Here, Kat applies a new coat of tung oil stain to a weather-beaten treehouse that is bound for greener pastures.
Interior-lower-paintedCompare the lower portion of this wall, restored to its cheery hue, and the upper portion, still waiting for its make-over. Pretty dramatic change, right?

Not only does our commitment to recycling extend to the entire treehouse, we also like to think that all the happy memories made in the playhouse will carry on into a new family’s backyard.

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