Next Project already underway…

New Castle Play Structure design:

Barbara’s latest design started with traipsing through the woods to find the perfect spot for the play structure. Her goal is to find a spot close enough to the house to keep an eye on young kids (from the kitchen window or a porch) but not so close that it feels intrusive when they are older.

After brainstorming ideas with the client, collecting information about what play features to include, taking lots of photos & measurements, (and usually climbing a few trees), Barbara heads back to the shop where she sketches her ideas.

Next, Barbara and Jeff do a “stick-out” of the shape of the play structure (Jeff is standing on the bridge-over-swings). This lets everyone visualize how the structure will fit in the space and provides a chance to chance sizes (e.g., make the Clubhouse smaller and the deck bigger, etc.).

While on site, Barbara arranged the client’s favorite stain color chips on a bench – the best way to look at the stain colors is in natural light.

Sometimes, the hardest part is choosing the colors! We make our own non-toxic stains at our shop and offer 59 colors to choose from. Color talk starts during the design process but is usually finalized after construction begins.

Once the design is finalized and the AutoCAD construction drawings are completed, we will started to build. More to come…

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