Ontario Install

The HMS Ontario is one step closer to welcoming eager children aboard! Since we shipped it as three completed pieces, there was a minimum of assembly and attachments needed, making installation quick and efficient.

Under the supervision of Barbara and James, the local general contractor off-loaded the pieces and provided the installation crew. Thanks, Huber Construction IncIt was great to work with such a top-notch crew; they did a great job and were lots of fun to work with! Here, JJ anchors the bottom of the mini rope net climber to the foundation that will later be covered with resilient surfacing.From left to right, here’s Steve, JJ, Barbara, Andrew and Sean.The great thing about installing a project in such a picturesque part of the country is that after work, there’s some incredible sightseeing to do. This was Barbara and James’ first time at Niagara Falls, and they were completely blown away!

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