Ontario on the Move

After building, detailing and staining the HMS Ontario, our ship-wreck themed play structure is ready to be transported to the New York State Thruway rest stop that will be its final home. Here, the 3 main pieces sit on platforms with wheels in one of our shop bays, ready to be pushed out onto the dock.The journey begins with a short ride on a grade-all telescoping forklift that carries each piece from our loading dock in South San Francisco to the back of a flatbed truck destined for New York.As you would imagine, careful and proper placement of each component is vital to arriving across the country with everything intact and ready to go.It takes some serious teamwork to position each part just so. While the HMS is inspired by a shipwreck, we want to make sure our version has no part in a cross-country truck wreck.

Barbara does a final walk-around to confirm that all pieces are loaded, including rope net bridges and broken masts, plus extra materials that will be need for the installation.The straps holding each element in place are checked and double-checked before a protective tarp covering is pulled over the entire load, keeping our precious cargo safe from flying debris during the trip. This 53’ long flatbed Conestoga/Step Deck is a specialty truck that comes with a retractable curtain system which easily slides over the entire truck bed during transport.The crew’s work is done — for now! Next up, installation in New York.

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