HMS Ontario Shipwreck

Our latest project for the New York State Thruway is based on the shipwrecked British warship HMS Ontario found at the bottom of Lake Ontario. Like our previous New York rest stop, this one is also inspired by the rich history of the area.   Launched in 1780 by the British, the HMS Ontario ferried passengers and supplies around Lake Ontario. Though she was outfitted with several cannons, the warship was never attacked by American forces.
After only six months of operation, however, the HMS Ontario met with a tragic fate when a sudden storm hit, sinking the ship and killing all 120 passengers on board. Despite a thorough search by the British at the time, the location of this shipwreck remained a mystery until 2008, when it was located using sonar technology.
With the help of an underwater remote operated vehicle, the stunningly preserved vessel was identified, making it the Great Lakes’ oldest shipwreck and only completely intact British warship. 
This fascinating story will come to life for children at the Welcome Center when they explore Barbara’s accurate yet whimsical take on the shipwreck. Stay tuned for more on the construction process!

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