Oregon Oasis

IMG_0248 Marco on bridge Barbara and the crew spend a solid three weeks in Oregon installing this deluxe Portland treehouse into a lush forest hillside. As usual, we build each component of the structure in the shop before beginning the installation process, but because of its size and complexity, extra time is needed on-site. Our customized girder system allows four Doug Fir trees to serve as supports without endangering or damaging their health and longevity.IMG_0261 bridge Designed and engineered to exceed regular building codes and accommodate both children and adults, this sprawling treehouse includes a swinging cable bridge that measure a whopping 30 feet, making it one of the longest we’ve ever made. Each board is meticulously added by hand and then the railing are hand-lashed onto either side. IMG_0271 Barbara on bridge Here, Barbara takes a precarious walk on the partly-finished bridge! Because of the steep slope of the yard, the bridge takes you across the treetops so you can get in touch with your inner monkey. The precipitous drop-off also calls for extra-high railings for peace of mind.IMG_0277 Jeff n Cam The two-story octagonal tree fort offers more climbing opportunities with professional-quality exterior rock climbing holds. Jeff and Cam prepare to dig and install the fire pole in front of the rock wall.

IMG_0260 guysIt takes some serious teamwork to hoist each component piece into the correct spot and fasten securely. Despite periods of smoke and heavy rain, the crew keep their spirits up with coffee, resolve and a sense of humor. Stay tuned for the finished photos in the next blog.

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