Pasadena Playhouse

After bringing you photos of the stick-out and the fabrication at our shop, we are thrilled to unveil the finished Pasadena Playhouse! Above, the installation process is distilled into two action-packed minutes.

IMG_1389Looking just as majestic as we’d envisioned in the design process, this regal playhouse sits high above the rest of the yard. It’s the perfect place to host a royal ball or fend off marauding invaders.

IMG_1435The playhouse itself is accessible by stairway, ladder or slide. The approach from the stairs involves a long, multi-leveled walkway leading into the playhouse. Who awaits within? A gracious queen or a disgruntled duke plotting to seize control of the kingdom?

BBAB-PASADENA-ORIGINALS-26A bucket pulley is the perfect way to stock up on provisions before the enemy lays siege to the kingdom. Brightly-colored flags bearing the official coat of arms wave proudly in the breeze.

The multiple ways in and out of this structure facilitate loops of play and offer differentiated challenges for children of multiple ages and abilities. While younger kids may find that the tall ladder requires intense focus, as they mature, they’ll use that same ladder as an escape hatch, leaping nimbly along the rungs.

BBAB-PASADENA-ORIGINALS-116Our hand-lashed rope railing provides safety without obstructing the view. And a slide down makes coming in for dinner a little more fun for a reluctant youngster!

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