Pasadena Stick-Out

Idea 1 photo SketchEvery custom structure that we build begins with a site visit and some creative brainstorming. The family describes their needs and Barbara looks at any unusual or challenging features of the outdoor space. In this case, drastic changes in elevation were the key features to work around. Above, Barbara has sketched one design possibility directly onto a photograph of the yard.

620 Pasadena Site Plan
620 Pasadena Sketch






Custom structures are all about options! Keeping the input from the whole family in mind, Barbara creates several different designs to choose from.

IMG_0461Once the final design details have been finalized, it’s time for the stick-out. In this step, thin sticks are used to create a 3-D “sketch” of the structure in its environment to ensure that every measurement is highly accurate when the piece is built at the shop. The stick-out ensures a smooth on-site assembly later.
IMG_0449From this angle, you can see how an underutilized part of the yard will be transformed into a vibrant, fun-filled space once the structure is installed. Stay tuned for the rest of the project in the coming weeks!

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