Plan, Build, Play!


While this may look like an illustration from a tree-based fairy tale book, this is actually a BBAB artist sketch. After touring the space and discussing the family’s needs, Barbara creates these images so everyone can get a sense of how the finished project will look.


Once everyone is delighted with the treehouse design,  the more technical plans are created, such as this elevation map. Based on the height of various features, different types of resilient surfacing may be required.


This one also doubles as a plan for the color scheme.

The next step is the “stick-out” process which allows Barbara to take precise measurements to customize the structure to the exact shape of the tree. Once that’s completed, those same measurements are used to fabricate the structure in our shop where each piece is meticulously assembled by hand. The expansive 14′ x 16′ deck surrounding the playhouse is big enough to accommodate any child’s imagination.Made of sustainable redwood lumber, this sturdy structure is almost ready to be stained with our signature natural tung-oil stain that both protects from the elements and creates a vivid hue.

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