Play Fort – 3 Families, 3 Decades of Fun!

Back in 2002, Barbara built this original colorful fort in Hillsborough CA.

Six years later, the kids had grown and we were asked to disassemble it and move it to a new home down the road in Burlingame, CA. We not only move it, we re-stain in a new pastel color palette but unfortunately for this blog, we can’t find any of those photos!

After 11 years at its second location, this gem is resold to a third family, back in Hillsborough CA. Here it is awaiting the BBAB crew to dismantle and bring it back to the shop for reconfiguration & a new coat of stain. The colors are faded but the structure is still in great shape.The new family asks for an entirely new color scheme, so Barbara comes up with a new palette that will work on top of the old colors and the BBAB crew makes it happen. The pastel palette of years past is replaced with a vibrant combination of warmer hues.The final result is the stunning structure you see above. While it looks brand new, this Play Fort is actually 17 years old, proving once again that quality and craftsmanship are worth the investment.With a slide, hanging rungs, rope net climb and two playhouses, this play space is ready for years of active play and family bonding.Best of all, it is a hit with the little ones!

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