Portland Treehouse

Welcome to Portland Treehouse! Join us in the canopy for a tour of this hip hideout.

Spanning multiple massive trees in a wooded yard, Portland Treehouse features two distinct play areas joined by a 30-foot swinging cable bridge. On the right, a two-story octagonal tree fort offers a choice of fire pole, rock climbing wall and a knotted rope climb.  On the left, choose from swings, a slide or some chill time in the weather resistant treehouse.
The inside of the treehouse explodes with color with functional glass windows, a door outfitted with our signature who-goes-there peephole and even storage for coats and hats. A double chalkboard stands at the ready for when inspiration hits.

Step outside the treehouse onto the expansive wrap-around deck, complete with pirate ship steering wheel and flag. There’s enough room for a game of tag, some birdwatching or lounging around with a good book.

Boy, who wouldn’t get plenty of fresh air and time in nature with a set-up like this outside the back door?


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