Public Use Play Structure: Day 1 on site

The day before we arrive, the school yard sits empty, waiting for the magic to begin…

Immediately upon arrival, we unload and set up our equipment so that we can begin the first step: set the spacer boxes (pre-built in our shop) on top of the concrete planters, establishing that everything fits. Then we start attaching the ledgers to the existing retaining walls. A critical 1st step!

We have to get the ledgers (which you don’t see once installed as they sit flush to the top of the planter wall) at the right height and in the right placement so our pre-built structure will reassemble correctly.
Once in place, we drill the concrete for the threaded rod that will be epoxied into the wall.

There was a lot of hot sun and it was persnickety work, but the crew did a great job getting everything ready for setting the threaded rod in epoxy. Marco & Jeff both have a lot of experience doing this type of work and Aubrey was their willing apprentice.

Aubrey seemed to like using the hammerdrill 🙂 There’s Jeff’s in the background below diligently cleaning the drilled holes in preparation for the epoxy. That’s the key to using epoxy to bolt the ledger to the concrete walls: super clean holes.

More install pictures tomorrow!

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