Public Use Play Structure: Day 2 on site

Day 2 the crew continues with the installation of Contra Costa Jewish Day School’s play structure:
Now that the ledgers have been installed (see Day 1) the guys bring in the clubhouse floor framing, bolting the frames to the ledgers.

Next, they add stairs and angled Ship’s Ladder ramp on the right side of the playground. This combined stair/ramp system will provide access to the “soon to be” play structure up on top of the concrete planters. The stairs, like the clubhouse floor framing, were pre-built at our shop to exact measurements, fitting to the curve of the wall.

The 12′ high redwood frame in front of the stairs will become the “ball wall”, to be brought in at the end of the project.

Next, the crew adds the series of 3 Clubhouses to the top of the concrete planters, bolting everything to the previously installed floor frames.

At this point, the structure is really starting to take shape: stairs up to angled ramp, then up to Clubhouse #1. Lots still to be done.

One last addition at end of the day: the guys bring up the roof frames and attach them to the top of the Clubhouses.

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