Public Use Play Structure: Day 3 on site

Barbara and crew are back on site at the Contra Costa Jewish Day School playground where they are installing a public use, fully enclosed, ADA Handicap Accessible play structure custom designed to run above the playground on top of existing 8′ high concrete planters (as shown in Barbara’s Artist Sketch):

By mid-morning of Day 3, all 3 clubhouses have been erected and bolted to the floor frames and 2 of the 3 roofs have been added. Jose and Armando are working on adding the angled “step down” platform on the left side of the structure. This is where the kids will exit to the playground area below via a long tube slide.

The 3rd roof goes up while Jeff, below, uses the epoxy gun as the final step in securing the 4 redwood support posts to the concrete.

Next step is to raise the front and back 12′ long railings for the straight bridge:

Tomorrow: the crawl tube tunnel!

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  1. these are awesome! I never had a tree house griwong up (I wasn’t even allowed to climb trees but I also survived childhood w/ no broken arms, so a fair trade, I think). I especially love the one w/ the bed. how cute!

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