Public Use Play Structure: Day 5 & 6 on site

Day 5 on site at the Contra Costa Jewish Day School and great progress! The Tube Slide has been installed and the rubber resilient surface material (RSM) has been poured by Playgrounds Unlimited.
Here, Sean from playgrounds Unlimited, checks to make sure that the RSM is 2-1/2″ thick, the required thickness to help prevent serious injuries from a 6′ fall height.

Now that the beautiful redwood structures have been installed, it is time to start lashing the “miles” of rope netting over all open areas of the play structure. When done, the entire structure will be fully enclosed so that no child can play outside of the structure once they start up the stairs!

Even the roofs are covered with rope netting to prevent adventurous kids from climbing up and out.

Barbara and Jeff go first, tightly attaching the netting to the posts using plastic twist ties (to be removed later). Then, Marco, Jose & Luis come next and lash the netting to the posts with rope, tying special knots every few inches to make sure it will not come undone. Attaching, lashing & knotting is very time consuming – it takes strong hands and willing hearts! The crew will still be at it on Monday. We hope to finish by the end of day tomorrow!!!

Meanwhile, under the shade tent, Barbara and MaryLou work on completing the complicated Certification paperwork.

By end of day Saturday, a good deal of the rope netting has been completed. More to come on Monday!

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