Rocket Ship about to Launch

Barbara and crew have been working non-stop to make ready for the launch of the Rocket Ship play structure this Friday, May 14th. Countdown includes: finish painting, detailing, packing, loading the truck and driving to LA.

Building starts with the base floor.

These photos show part of what it takes to launch!

Grind all the wood smooth and carve around the cut-outs!

Marco built the Rocket roof frame, then attached the siding and cut-out the porthole windows.

Here’s the view from the inside looking up…

The upper story of the rocket ship is almost built.

The Rocket roof has been sent to staining – Rudi (master stainer) climbs in to start the 1st coat on the underside.

It already looks like a space capsule.

Barbara helps out – all hands on deck to finish the staining!

Ember (another sister) comes down for the weekend to help stain!

and Daisy keep watch.

Adding color to the cut-outs makes a big difference.

April, Barbara’s friend and artist, also showed up for the weekend to help get the job done.

Floors, bridges, walls, cut-outs, details, details, details.

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