Rope tunnel

664D10C7-61EC-41F3-811D-8D72DD374DF2There are so many ways that rope can contribute to the fun when it comes to active outdoor games and imaginative play. From hanging bridges to rope ladders and climbing walls, kids love the extra wiggle you get from climbing on rope.  We recently had the pleasure of installing a rope tunnel, which offer kids a smorgasbord of sensory experiences: the texture of the rope, the sway and give as you move across it, glimpses of the outside world seen through latticework, and the tantalizing focal point at the other side.BB n David hand knotting rope tunnelCreating the rope tunnel begins in the shop where Barbara hand-ties each knot using a wooden frame to hold its shape while it is being made. Here, David is getting some pointers on this technique. Want to try your hand at it? In this video tutorial, Barbara breaks down the steps involved in making a knot that is secure and beautiful.

The completed rope tunnel is then transported on-site to be installed in its permanent location where it will connect a climbing wall tower and a tree platform.Marco n JoseThe two ends of the rope tunnel are put into place with the wooden frame still inside to prevent tangles. Only then do we slide out the frame and attach the rope with temporary, reusable zip-ties which allow us to make adjustments as needed so the whole tunnel is taut.
MarcoOnce we’ve gotten the tunnel stretched just right, we hand lash it to the structure on either side with lashing rope and remove the zip ties.  Now the tunnel is ready for action.  Tag, you’re it!Nick n Jose

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