Rosefield Cottage

Hi all
Here are some photos from our new playhouse in Tiburon. I’m calling it Rosefield Cottage because my client loves roses. Soon the roses will be growing up a trellis that will cover the big I-Beams.
The outside is all carved and stained and the inside is all painted.

The playhouse is tucked under the deck of the main house, with a great view of the SF Bay. The playhouse barely fit between the I-Beams and under the deck and we had a hard time sliding the roof in place. I shouldn’t cut it so close but of course I can’t resist!

That’s my sister Pat, visiting from Norfolk Virginia, enjoying the view.
Rosefield Cottage is completely waterproof and finished inside, with real doors & windows.
That’s Suzanne sitting on the bottom bunk. She came and helped finish the touch-up on the last day.
Notice the drop-leaf table & benches against the wall.

My client found a great chandelier but we are still looking for the perfect sconces that are kid-friendly as well. Soon to be added are foam cushions for the bunk beds, a small area rug, curtains…

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