Rudi passed his interview for citizenship!

Good news. Rudi came in this morning and announced that he passed the interview. He has been “recommended for approval”.
Now he is just waiting to receive notification of the final decision and then he will be sworn in at the ceremony to become a US citizen.

Congratulations Rudi!

Marco is bringing over the kitchen sink!

He’s about to start detailing the Kitchen Set which includes a refrigerator, sink and stove. Just needs to add doors, burners, stainless steel bowl & faucets, oven racks, etc. and it will be ready for staining…

Meantime, Ember (sister & guest artist) is helping out by staining the knee braces that will go under the Big Deck.

And Aubrey (nephew and newest crew member) finally gets a chance to do something other than grind redwood lumber smooth, which is apparently cause for a smile.

He’s looking forward to Monday when the crew goes on site to install – that’s his favorite part of this process!

Barbara and Ember take time out for lunch. The South San Francisco fog has moved in so its cold outside – lunch is in the office today!

Oops – Aubrey is back on grinding.
Armando is using a template to draw the carving line around the “who-goes-there” on the upper Dutch door. And Marco is building the rung ladder.

While Jose is applying the 1st coat of clear, protective tung-oil to all the finished, thoroughly dry parts.

And anything not yet dry is put out on the dock in the drying racks.

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