Ruffian’s Retreat

Cradled among curving oak branches, Ruffian’s Retreat is the focal point of the yard for the two young boys who live here. Once a steep and unappealing corner, this spot now boasts a multitude of ways to experience the outdoors from the treetops.The first step to transforming the space was to create a terraced area and have the fun go vertical. Your journey to the treetops might lead up a ladder, a rope net climb, or a rock climbing wall. For the trip down, nothing beats the pure speed and exhilaration of the slide.At her first meeting with the family, Barbara spied this set of Oak trees and recognized them as hidden gems, perfect for her unique style of treehouse. In keeping with her philosophy that such a structure should enhance the natural grace of the tree, not fight against it, Barbara envisioned a play space that would complement the branches and carefully integrated them into the design.  Multi-level platforms are surrounded both by tree branches and by a woven rope railing for a feeling of being lost in the foliage. Forest adventures and jungle day dreams welcome here!

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