Sadie’s Treehouse

Built around a leafy backyard tree in the North Shore of Chicago, Sadie’s Treehouse features a waterproof clubhouse surrounded by a wrap-around porch.

A turbo slide, rope net ladder, rock wall, fire pole and angled rung ladder offer a multitude of choices for going up or down. Below, monkey bars and round rings provide options for horizontal movement.

Sadie’s Treehouse is bedecked in our signature stains that offer protection from the weather because of their natural tung oil base, and also allow the natural grain of the wood to show through.

Inside, a drop-leaf table and benches, chalkboard and top-secret safe are illuminated by large, screened windows and a skylight. This versatile space is perfect as a pit-stop in a breathless game of chase or as a dreamy room for relaxing on a rainy day.

Across a grassy field sits an elevated platform for accessing the 45-foot-long tree-to-tree zip line, as well as a spider swing.



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