rectangle-sandboxThough we specialize in tree houses, we’ve made our fair share of sandboxes over the years, too. We start with the same sustainable redwood that we use for all of our structures, handcraft the box to the desired shape and then add our vivid tung oil stains for maximum appeal.

trapedzoidal-sandboxYounger tots only need a few scoopers in the sandbox to keep them engaged in an endless cycle of filling and dumping. For older kids, however, you can stoke their imagination with extras, such as this chalkboard where they can draw in a background for their sand castle or write up a menu for their mud pie cafe.

4x4-sandbox-under-tower-2Small yard? The sandbox¬†can be incorporated into the design of a larger structure in such a way that it doesn’t add to the overall footprint. This design packs lots of different play options into a compact space.
Lifeboatboat w Jeff





This nautical-themed sandbox comes complete with adjustable sail/sun shade, mast and flag. Alongside it, barrel stepping stones and log balance beams invite children to challenge their strength and coordination. On the right, Jeff installs the boat’s steering wheel before filling it with sand.



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