Santa’s workshop: contemporary shapes and colors

It’s starting to get exciting as more shapes emerge! The towers are long and sleek, looking like a rocket ship about to launch.

Adding the side “fins” (which will flank the entrance to the swinging bridge) starts to define the contemporary look of this play structure.
Once building is complete, the tower moves to the staining bay where Rudi adds the color.
Then the finished tower is moved to the outside dock to bake in the sun. This complicated black & white pattern will require a longer drying time than usual. We do not want to drag any black into white when we wipe-on the final coat of clear tung-oil.

Fortunately for us, this is California, and we are enjoying a particularly lovely stretch of warm, sunny weather. Our condolences to the East Coast, where winter storms are still dumping tons of snow on a daily basis.

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