Shop Kitties!

The life of an executive shop cat is equal parts work and play. As we all know, sitting on important treehouse plans is the most productive way to start the day for any working feline. Quality control is another one of the taxing duties that these shop kitties take on. Here, the brothers, Sam and Dean, meticulously test each of the windows of a large playhouse being fabricated in the shop.But a working cat’s responsibilities are never done! Here, these cats take on the crucial (and definitely NOT imaginary) job of standing guard over stained trim pieces as they dry. Stand back!
How steep is the angle of this Magical Bridge Retreat Hut? Let Sam, a certified cat inspector, take a few quick measurements and we’ll get back to you.Finally, a well-deserved nap during break time.An artist-builder’s lap is another comfy spot to claim when you’ve blasted through your to-do list.Flashback to kitty Dean’s first day on the job!

Like all of us, Sam and Dean are doing their part to flatten the curve. Above, they observe the view from Barbara’s window as they shelter in place at home.

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