Show Time!

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Though we love getting kids up into the foliage in a treehouse, we honor all kinds of playfulness, including the dramatic kind. Our colorful outdoor stages inspire young thespians, magicians-to-be or clowns in training. And since they’re built with the same sustainable redwood and natural tung oil stains as our play structures, these backyard theaters can stand up to both the weather and a kid-led production of Annie!

Town Square theaterKids are naturally theatrical and much of their imaginative play resembles an intricate improv show. With an engaging theater space, the performances become more intentional as children explore different roles, building confidence and self-esteem.



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Theaters invite cooperation and collaboration — even kids whose social skills are rusty will tire of putting on one-woman shows eventually!


Castle Dragon Theater




Next thing you know, your shy bookworm may be acting out scenes from her favorite book or belting out “It’s a Hard Knock Life” to an audience of teddy bears.




Circus Theater-of-doors-windows



Invite a clown or magician to use the stage at your next birthday celebration or grab a karaoke machine and an extension cord for a rock-star-themed party.



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