Spotlight on Accessible Playgrounds

Cover-2This month’s issue of Play and Playground Magazine focuses on accessible playgrounds with a spotlight on Magical Bridge in Palo Alto, a uniquely welcoming playground to visitors of all abilities. We’ve been involved in this project from the get-go (read more here and here) and we’re thrilled at the lovely write-up by Jay Beckwith. Head over to their website for the full text.

IMG_0563Here’s a juicy tidbit from the article: What initially drew me to Magical Bridge were the images of the extraordinary playhouse that is at once playful and refined. Created by Barbara Butler, it is a tour de force and reflects her vast experience building residential playhouses where parents and kids get to ask for what they really want. The stage element is a feature that I think all playgrounds should have, but never do. The interior details include a bakery and workshop. Best of all, the two-story design makes the ramps logical and well integrated rather than an obvious stuck-on ADA requirement.

IMG_0546We went by last week and were thrilled to see how many families were out enjoying the park. Kids of all kinds were hamming it up on stage, serving tea in the cafe and flying down the hill.
IMG_0535 The shady spot under our wooden bridge was a cool haven for children needing a break from active play.IMG_0548Everywhere we looked, the Magical Bridge playground was teeming with people of all abilities who had come out to enjoy the weather, their community, and some inclusive play. Just like we all imagined when this park was nothing more than a sketch on a piece of paper!

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