Staff Spotlight: David, Breakdancing Builder


After a busy day of building, the BBAB crew makes times for their outside passions, from Barbara’s yoga practice to Rudi’s miles of cycling. For David Rodriguez, that passion is breakdancing.
Digging-DirtDuring the workday, David fills valuable roles in welding, earthworks, rope work, building and layout. His first experiences in construction came as a teenager when he helped his dad at work in Southern California. Since then, he’s worked in several different building capacities, but admits that this is his first time making treehouses!
TullsSince joining the BBAB crew almost two years ago, David has charmed everyone with his positive, can-do attitude. Fluent in both English and Spanish, David has also helped get the whole team up to speed with the new smartphone timesheet system. His favorite part of the job, however, is how different each project is because of the customized work that Barbara specializes in.

David familyDavid is also part of the traveling team that does out-of-town installations. During these trips, David appreciates how well everyone gets along, saying, “It feels like a family environment.” Coming from a close-knit family himself, this is high praise indeed. Above, David poses with his parents and siblings for a holiday photo. IMG_0218Along with his breakdancing crew, the Ill Flavored Rejects, David has travelled across the country as well as to Mexico and Canada to compete against other teams, winning various trophies and prizes. In 2005, his group won Best Up And Coming Dance Crew at the New Kids on the Block competition. We’re so happy to have David as part of the BBAB family!

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