Staining the Ontario

A major turning point in the fabrication process for any project is the moment we begin staining, and this was certainly true for the HMS Ontario. Above, a before-and-after shot shows the dramatic difference in the bow scroll once our signature tung oil stains were applied.Here, Allen carefully applies color to each section of the wreck. The natural stain is specially formulated to bring brilliant color to the structure while also allowing the natural wood grain to shine through. In addition to imparting a lasting hue, the stain also protects the wood from weathering as the oil penetrates each plank.Because we create our own stains in house, we can create the multitude of shades that our varied projects demand. Here, we’ve chosen nutmeg, honey oak, golden oak, dark walnut, red earth and black carbon for the Ontario’s color palette.
Now that the HMS Ontario is all decked out in her various stains, she’s ready to be shipped to New York for installation. Stay tuned!

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