Synopsis of Rugged Ruckus Big Fort

Here’s a peek at one of Barbara’s latest projects, from start to finish:

Barbara started with a design sketch that combined rustic tree stumps & limbs with rugged construction to create a rough & tumble outdoor play structure.

Early on in the process, Barbara & Jeff went on site to choose logs to be cut into stump steps and limbs to be used as “pickets” for the railings.
Next, Barbara & Jeff did their traditional “stick-out”, making sure the structure would fit within the boundaries of the play area.

Once the final design was approved, construction started. The exterior was stained with a “natural wash” so that the structure would blend into the surroundings.

The interior, however, really POPS with Wild Orange walls, Russet floor, Parakeet doors and shutters with Parsley trims and Red Earth Drop Leaf Table & 2 drop seats. Oh, and the ceiling is Cape Cod Blue!

Barbara and Jeff spent lots of time checking out the play structure during the detailing process and, inspired by Rugged Ruckus, took time out to create a little ruckus themselves…

Meanwhile, out on the dock were lots of tree limbs and branches. Marco is lead on selecting,

cutting, grinding to shape and then…

attaching the sturdy branches to complete the railings.
Each opening is tested with the white “Safety Probe”. If it goes through, then the opening is too large and too dangerous for young children.

It’s like a jigsaw puzzle but Marco likes doing it and he’s good at it! Almost done and proud of his work.

Install was scheduled to start in a week so the guys were hurrying to finish the Public Use Play Structure in Lafayette. Plus Jeff and Aubrey had to break away to deliver the Garden Potpourri playhouse to the Coyote Point Museum for auction that evening. We were stretched thin!

Once again, everything went great and we finished in time. The play structure is a huge success with parents and kids. We love the natural look and the fun log climb. Hope you do too:

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