Tables for Tea Time

Bakery-2kitchen set-lilac“Welcome to tea time! Would you like chamomile or mint? I’ve whipped up some tasty treats in my colorful kitchen.”

¬†Whether installed in an adorable cottage or up in a tree house, tables and chairs enhance children’s play.





Some days, knights gather around the table to plot revenge. Other times, Snow White sets the table for the seven dwarves. Perhaps today the heads of battling kingdoms are meeting at the peace table to hammer out a truce.

Drop-Table-downAnd when it’s time for the play house to transform into a ballroom or a cage for a wild animal, our drop-leaf tables fold up to make way for the next scene.




Country-PaletteOur stand-alone table and chairs can go anywhere, inside or out. Whether adding a touch of whimsy to a youngster’s bedroom or adorning the front porch, these sturdy pieces can stand up to any child’s imagination.



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