The Making of a Tunnel Slide

627-UC-05 Hillbrook slide-Marco

Sometimes you have to do a little gymnastics to get a treehouse just right. Above, Marco gets upside down to bolt this tunnel slide’s sections together from the inside. Although our large twisty slides come  in sections, assembly is anything but child’s play!627-UC-02 Hillbrook slide-Crew First, we set up the entry panel on a special scaffold we’ve matched to the height of the treehouse where the slide will eventually be installed.

At the same time, Marco heats up a specialized torch that will be used to loosen the plastic slightly as the pieces are being fitted together. 627-UC-03 Hillbrook slide-startAs each piece is added, we check that everything is level and that the turns are going the right way before moving on to the next section. For this particular slide, the challenge was to make it just the right shape to fit into a narrow space between the steps and a tree while still providing all the thrills that a slide should!627-UC-04 Hillbrook slide-finished Once all the pieces are correctly situated, Marco comes through with the bolts, once again double checking that everything is secure and in the right place. 627-UC-06 Hillbrook slide-onsite Because of this careful preparation, when we arrive on-site, the tunnel slide slips perfectly into its space. Check out a sneak preview of where this slide ended up in the artist’s sketch below and stay tuned for finished pictures of this project in the coming weeks!Idea 2 Artist SketchHillbrook School Treehouse

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