The Making of Coral Gables Castle

644-color-map-finalWhat does a Florida grandmother with a tropical backyard do to entice the grandchildren to visit often? Put in a Barbara Butler play structure, of course! Based on our standard Fort Mediterranean, Coral Gables Castle has been modified to fit into the lush greenery of its surroundings.

original-siteLike all our custom projects, this one began with a visit from Barbara to get a feel for the space and take precise measurements.










Back at the shop, the BBAB crew used those measurements to begin the fabrication process. Here we see the arched bridge in progress and the upper half of the octagonal tower, all built from sustainable redwood lumber.

shop-guysThe next step is staining each piece with our custom-made natural tung oil in the chosen color scheme. Not only does this create vibrant hues that catch a child’s eye, but it also protects the wood from the weather, a particularly vital function for a structure that will be located in humid Florida.

vertical_2Our loading deck gets a festive feel when all the pieces are out drying in the sun!
shop-ropingAfterwards, the rope net climb is hand woven and lashed for a perfect fit.

bb-and-jeffOnce the entire structure has been assembled in a test set-up and inspected, all that’s left is a quick trip to Florida to assemble the components on-site. Stay tuned for finished photos of Coral Gables Castle coming soon!

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