Timber Terraces

Challenging terrain is Barbara’s specialty and Timber Terraces gave her skills a workout! This area was so steep that it was considered unsuable space until the BBAB crew came in and added low retaining walls to create several flat terraces for play.

The structure links the various levels, beginning with a log bridge that balances an exhilirating feeling of danger with a sensible woven rope net railing for peace of mind. The natural state of the log adds to a child’s feeling of being in the midst of a backwoods adventure rather than merely in a backyard.

Below, swings and a slide satisfy kids’ need for speed, while a thick layer of mulch makes for a soft landing. Whether they imagine they are swinging from a vine or soaring through the sky in a fighter jet, Timber Terraces has the thrills that kids crave.

A combination of natural browns and pops of vibrant blue and green create a structure that is as visually appealing to adults as it is irresistible to children.


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