Time Machine

53Join us in the time machine as we journey back… The year is 2004.  The place is Perched Playhouse. Two sisters are testing out their brand-new play structure for the first time.
27 Their tour begins with a stint on the swings with an assist from Barbara.38 Next up for the girls is the picnic table, while Barbara tests out the playhouse windows.51 Climbing up is no problem, but little sister is hesitant to brave the tall slide until Barbara slides down with her. Now she’s ready to try it on her own.64Even though Barbara has since traded in her overalls and baseball caps for scarves and cowboy boots, some things haven’t changed. Perched Playhouse was made with the same eco-friendly tung oil stains and sustainable redwood lumber we’ve used since the beginning. And the design is based on Barbara’s same signature “loops of play” that have proven themselves to be classics among children.
 In the intervening year, these adorable sisters have grown up and Perched Playhouse has made its way to a new family where it resides today. Here’s to another eleven years of fun for this play structure!

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