Top Secret Safe Giveaway

These Top Secret Safes might not fit into a stocking, but these colorful, artisan safes are perfect for securing pirate’s gold or a secret map to ancient ruins. So when Cincinnati ParentIndy’s Child Magazine, and Dayton Parent contacted us about their upcoming Holiday Giveaway, we couldn’t resist whipping up a few to donate. 

 They were a blast to make — and much quicker than a treehouse! Here, the stained pieces sit drying before final assembly. On the right, three boxes filled with play inspiration are loaded up by Alvin, our UPS guy. It’s not the first time he’s hauled some unusual packages from our shop!

Each safe comes with a shield that hides the combination to open the door, keeping your secrets safe from invading zombies or conniving dukes from a rival kingdom. Here’s one installed in a tree house in L.A.

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