TOPS Treehouse

TOPS-9-VBuilt for the lucky two- to five-year-olds that attendĀ The Orinda Preschool, the TOPS treehouse is a secure way for very young children to experience the highest limbs of a tree. In operation since 1938, The Orinda Preschool’s play-based curriculum offers the children copious amounts of self-directed exploration, and what better environment to explore than a treehouse?
FINAL-color-mapTo transform the preschool’s outdoor learning environment, Barbara designed a tree platform with multiple ways up, as shown here in the artist sketch. Toddlers can start with the stairs as they build strength and confidence, working their way up to the ladder and finally the net rope climb, which is challenging enough to satisfy even the most fearless 5-year-old.
TOPS-2On the other side of the treehouse, a commercial-grade slide keeps things interesting while still meeting all public use playground safety codes and ADA guidelines for this age.

TOPS-12A child’s view from the TOPS Treehouse feels vast and expansive. Our hand-lashed woven-rope netting provides safety without obstructing the sight lines, which also allows for thorough supervision by preschool staff. We are happy to report that children and adults alike have had an enthusiastic response to the new structure!


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