Treepoline 2.0

Treepoline almost donePart tree hangout and part mega hammock, our unique treepoline unites three towering redwoods in a nexus of relaxation. After our first treepoline was our most pinned photo on our Pinterest page, we knew it was only a matter of time before we got to make another one.

CrimpingIt takes some serious teamwork to get this installed, with two guys crimping the steel cable and another member of the crew holding the cable sleeves in the right position.
Marco and Jose 2Here, our treepoline crew installs the rope netting we have woven in the shop using a temporary wooden frame to help it hold its shape. The faux-manila rope stays soft while handling the elements for a durable and inviting spot to hang out. (For more about what we can do with rope, check out this blog post from a while back.)Marco and Jose 1 The treepoline is mounted onto steel cables attached to the three massive trees. Once it is secured, the temporary wooden frame will be removed. Stay tuned for pictures of the finished project.

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